Exhibition Overview

Event Name LASER KOREA 2024 - The 14th International Laser Technology Exhibition
Dates July 3(Wed) ~ 5(Fri), 2024 / 3days
Venue KINTEX Exhibition Center I, Korea
Scale - Exhibits: 700 Booths set up by 400 Exhibitors
- Visitors: 12,000 people from 40 countries

Implementing Organizations

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  • Laser Korea Organizing Committee
  • Chairman
    • Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
      Sung-ho Chung Professor
    • Operation Director
        • NFTechnology
          Hyung-sik Kang CEO
        • Nano Technology Research Association
          Jong-il, Chung Executive Director
        • IPG Photonics Chan-jung Kim CEO
        • Coherent Korea Gi-rak Park CEO
        • Institute for Advanced Engineering Gi-yeong Park Professor
        • Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials Jeong Seo Ph.D.
        • Korea Institute of Machinery & Matrials Hyon-kee Sohn Ph.D.
        • LG PRI Seung-key Lee Managing Director
        • Hyundai Mortor Hyun-sung Park Director
        • Laser Application Center Jong-hoon Lee Director
        • Korea Photonics Technology Institute Su-Wook Hann Director
        • EV LASER Sang-Bae Han CEO
        • HK Global Yang-jae Shin Director
        • EO Technics Yeong-kyun Park Ph.D.
        • Pohang University of Science and Technology Dong-sik Kim Professor
        • Laser Advanced System Industrialization Center Kwang-hwan Oh Director

Exhibit Categories

Categories Items
Laser oscillator
  • A range of the latest laser oscillators including ultra-short pulse laser, high power short-wave laser, fiber laser, diode laser, etc.
Laser Processing technology and equipment Removal/addition/modification technology and equipment
  • Removal processing : Marking, Drilling, Cutting, Grooving, etc.
  • Bonding processing : Bonding, Welding, Joining, etc.
  • Surface modification : Annealing, Deposition, Cladding, etc.
Medical laser technology and devices
  • Medical laser technology and devices Lasers for ophthalmology, beauty, dentistry and general surgery
Measurement and analysis
  • Linear/non-linear measurement, high speed real-time imaging, measuring processed surface, optical based analysis equipment, etc.
  • Other Laser entertainment : art laser, crystal 3D processing, interior decoration, etc.